Outcomes, Inc.

Outcomes, Inc. is dedicated to strengthening and enriching individual, work and family life in New Mexico and we carry out that mission through a number of different services.

Our success is largely built on the relationships that we develop—with clients, partners, donors, and supportive people in the community. Every day, in large and small ways, our work in the community is carried forward through collaboration and cooperation with others.

As a multi-service agency, Outcomes offers many different opportunities for collaboration, engagement and mutual support:

  • Businesses—We offer supportive services for businesses and their employees, and we also welcome collaboration with business to help serve our clients.
  • Agencies—Collaboration between human services agencies is fast becoming a hallmark for providing effective services in the communities we seek to support.
  • Families—Our services, from Psychotherapy and Counseling to Employee Assistance Program, all place an emphasis on supporting and strengthening family life.
  • Seniors—Outcomes has a special commitment to serving the emotional and mental health needs of seniors and helping them to find meaningful engagement with others.
  • Donors—Supporting Outcomes with monetary donations gives us an opportunity to work together to transform our community.