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Restorative Justice Programs for Youth in Bernalillo County

New Connections Program

New Connections is an 6 to 10-week diversion, group intervention program for youth who have been involved in battery on a household member or involved in dating violence. The program uses an evidence based curriculum which emphasizes the promotion of healthy values, conflict resolution and emotional management skills.New Connection is for youth between the ages for 14 to 18.

Alternative to Violence (ATV) Program

The Alternative to Violence program is a diversion program designed for juveniles who have been charged with battery, assault, or public affray, most committed in a school environment. Juveniles considered to be at-risk for future violent behavior or who have a tendency to be a bully, may be referred to this Restorative Justice Circle process.

Youth, ages for 14 to 18, participate in a 4-week circle with 5 to 12 other youth with similar at-risk behaviors. Circles involve the telling of personal stories in an intimate setting. Circles also create a space for understanding the impact of the harmful behavior of all those affected without excusing that behavior. Successful completion of the program will result in the youth’s case not being referred to the District Attorney or Children’s Court.