Outcomes, Inc.

Outcomes, Inc. has been conducting Restorative Justice work with juveniles in some manner for the past 12 years but up to now we were also a ‘part of the problem’.  The only way youth could get into our programs was if they had been arrested or put on probation – in other words, started in the pipeline.

We are pleased to finally announce that practice has changed!  You can now bypass the pipeline and send troubled youth to us directly!

All of our programs take youth ages 14 to 18.  Programs are conducted at the Outcomes office. Currently, we are not yet able to provide our programs within the schools (due to lack of funding) but that’s our next goal.  Please look at the Program Description.  Feel free to contact me at any time at 505-243-2551 and use the Referral Form if you want to refer a youth to this program.

Kids that are kicked out – Drop out!

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