Outcomes, Inc.

Our Mission

To provide professional counseling, conflict resolution and social support to individuals, families and workplaces in crisis.


Our Vision

When people are struggling, confused, disheartened, in conflict, or in emotional pain, Outcomes, Inc. will be there to help them see hope and possibility instead of despair.

We will act as guides to help people cope with their problems and reach emotional and relational wellness.

We will always strive to respond to the changing needs of our community with an evolving scope of services that is unique in our region.


Our Values

As a social service agency, Outcomes offers comprehensive, client-centered services.  We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and celebrate the differences that make us each unique.  Our team has been selected for their professionalism and competence, and it is our expectation that they uphold the highest standards of respect, confidentiality, and professionalism in the services they offer.

Integrity guides all we do

Excellence directs our care

Individuality is appreciated and cultivated.