Outcomes, Inc.

Outcomes will present an intensive 40-hour Basic Mediation Training.  This training will take place over 2 consecutive weekends and each class is 10 hours. November 7-8 and November 14-15, 2015 from 8 am to 7 pm each day.

This training will result in a certificate for mediators and includes 40 hours of continuing education credits for counselors and social workers

The training will focus on listening skills, facilitating the process, crafting mutually satisfying solutions, and cross cultural mediation. Mediators will also learn “power balancing” which is so critical to the practice of cross cultural mediation.

Participants will be coached through role plays in order to get the feel of a real mediation.

Cost: $500  Open to the Public

You may register here or  call Outcomes, Inc. at 505-243-2551.

Tonya Covington

Tonya Covington is the Director of Conflict Resolution at Outcomes, Inc. and has been a trained mediator and teacher of mediation since 1988. Tonya has expertise in      Restorative Justice, Workplace, Transformative, Cross-cultural, Postal (REDRESS), Divorce and Elder mediation.


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