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Restorative Justice is a set of principles and practices seen in mediation, conferencing, and restorative justice “Circles” that are designed to create healing, wholeness, connection and hope.  When a wrong has occurred and feelings of isolation, despair, and failure are preventing growth, restorative justice practices can be employed using mediation, conferencing and “circle” processes.

This evidence-based, culturally sensitive approach to problem-solving and healing has been applied in the fields of juvenile, criminal, and tribal justice, workplace mediation, and family support.  It promotes healing for participants, prevents recidivism and opens the door to transform trauma or harm into understanding and harmony. Understanding the principles and practices of restorative justice can improve efficiency, outcomes and allocation of resources in youth and family serving organizations.

Jeanette Martinez, MSW, Director of the Mediation and Conflict Resolution Division at Outcomes Inc. and 12 year practitioner of Restorative Justice methods will be the trainer for this engaging series designed for social workers, health educators, youth workers, parents, and community leaders.


Introduction to Restorative Justice                       May 17, 2013                        8:30am-5pm

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Designed for a broad range of experience levels, this workshop will develop and strengthen your understanding of Restorative Justice theory and practices.  In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • cross-cultural historic basis for restorative justice;
  • basic principles and practices of restorative justice;
  • prominent applications of restorative justice principles;
  • pitfalls to avoid when implementing restorative justice strategies in your settings; and
  • strategies to engage stakeholders in restorative approaches to promote healing and sustainable resolution.


Simple Circles for Restorative Justice             May 29, 30, 31, 2013                 8:30am-5pm

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This three-day intensive for professionals who are interested in integrating restorative justice “Circles” into their service offerings will provide hands-on training for how to create, hold and manage the integrity of a restorative justice Circle.  Participants will learn:

  • the differences and strategies between Circle and Group Conferencing
  • examples of Circle implementation in schools, juvenile justice settings, therapeutic settings;
  • the process of creating a safe and healthy Circle;
  • the role, responsibility, and ethics of being a Circle Keeper
  • implementation steps and strategies to build restorative Circle practices
  • indicators for evaluating the outcomes of Circle strategies


Introduction to Circles in Cases of Violence                June 21, 2013                8:30am-5pm

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This training will explore the issues, questions and strategies involved in applying the Circle process to cases of severe violence, helping practitioners understand the level of capacity necessary to successfully conduct Circle processes in these cases.  Participants will learn:

  • key elements of successful implementation;
  • organizational preparation for service delivery;
  • case assessment and skills required to prepare stakeholders for a circle process;
  • examples of successful circle in cases of violence

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