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Having a workplace where harassment of any type takes place can be devastating to an organization.  When harassment takes hold in the workplace the effects can be far-reaching — employees suffer, careers can be derailed, legal issues can threaten the existence of the organization, and the operations of the business deteriorate.

When it comes to prevention, both employers and employees have a role to play in keeping the workplace free of harassment.  Some of the most powerful prevention practices center on respect and open communication:

  • Mutual respect is the main antidote to workplace harassment; it forms the basis for a productive workforce and it can guide our decision-making at work.  What’s a quick way to see if we’re behaving respectfully?  Ask yourself – would my spouse, child or sibling like to be treated this way?
  • Communication is the other key to workplace free of harassment.  Workplaces where employees practice open, respectful communication are rarely places where harassing behavior can exist.  Harassment often depends on one person, or several, being silent due to threats or shame.  In a culture of open communication people can talk simply and directly to one another about what makes them uncomfortable or angry.
  • Supervisors have a special role in preventing harassment.  It is often the supervisors who set the tone in the workplace.  Supervisors can communicate a great deal about mutual respect just by taking an active interest in what is going on with employees.  At the very least, the supervisor has the responsibility to set a standard of no tolerance for harassment.

When we work together to make respect and open communication two of the basic values in our workplaces, harassment rarely becomes a concern.

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