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Divorce and Child Custody Mediation

Divorce Mediation allows divorcing spouses to maintain control of their own divorce. Spouses can decide what is best for both parties and most importantly, their children. This can aid in recovering from divorce quickly and moving on with their lives. Mediation allows spouses to get through their divorce saving cost, time and with lessĀ conflict and emotional distressĀ than is experienced in an adversarial divorce. $200 per hour


Elder Mediation

Elder mediation is defined by the client to be served, and provides a forum for family decision-making. A professionally trained elder mediator uses a process based on a wellness model that promotes a person centered approach.

Elder Mediation typically involves larger numbers of participants including older people, family members, friends and others who are willing to give support. Depending on the situation it may include paid caregivers, hospital staff, nursing home and/or community care representatives, physicians and other professionals.

Meetings are informal and are held in locations that meet the family’s needs, including private homes, mediators’ offices and senior living facilities.

Elder mediation is not a substitute for legal advice but, can be a cost-effective alternative to lengthy litigation or repeated court hearings for ongoing disputes. A decision to use elder mediation leaves a law firm more time to perform the legal work it does best.