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Family Consultation Services is started after the Council of Social Agencies recognize a need for a Family Case-work Agency in Bernalillo County. The agency petitions funds from the Community

Our Building in 1951.

Our Building in 1951.

Chest, (later the United Community fund and now the United Way of Central New Mexico). The agency is awarded $4,300.00 to hire a caseworker. In October of 1951 the agency opens its doors at Second and Gold.

1952 – July 1955
Under the direction of Mrs. Milicent Jones, Family Consultation Services, moves to larger offices located at 312 Third St. SW. The agency served individuals from all walks of life with marital, personality or other problems within a family unit. The budget in 1952 was $7,035.00. The agency continues to receive support through the Community Chest and collects fees from clients based on what they are able to pay.

July 1955 – 1974
Mrs. Katherine M. Brown was named Executive Director of the Agency. Mrs. Brown is a member of the Council of Social Agencies. Also the sole counsellor at Family Consultation Services. With continued support from the Community Chest, the agency offers free or a fee based on income. By April of 1956 the then President of the Board of Directors is asking the Community Chest board to raise the agency funds to hire a second counsellor. The addition is finally realized in June of 1958.
The agency works with the Council of Social Agencies along with Inter agency referrals to help all needs of the community. The agency is getting referrals from physicians, schools and other professional agencies.
During this time the agency is working with the community through the schools, UNM (family course) and non-profit agencies by playing a role on committees and speaking at engagements that target the need in the family unit.

1957 – The Agency moved to 2929 Monte Vista NE.
1965 the Agency moves to 4013 Silver SE

1970 – Family Consultation Services’ name was changed to Family Counseling Services.
Groups are conducted at the agency that address parenting and juvenile issues. Services are referred by the courts, juvenile and health authorities, schools, churches, and other social agencies.
Family Consultation Services is also working with other local agencies to address issues the agency is not equipped to offer (legal, financial aid, health issues. Etc.).

1974 – Mr. Carl Doeing is named Executive Director

1984 – Parentcraft becomes the agency’s first division.
Parentcraft was started in 1978 as a family program at Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute, (now CNM), with a five year grant from the NM Dept of Vocational Education to develop and evaluate pilot programs designed to strengthen and support the family.
Family Consultation Services receives a $25,000.00 grant from the NM Children’s Trust Fund to continue the program. The grant continues for eight years
The Parentcraft Division offers family life education to parents, guardians, grandparents, children and individuals who work with children. Classes, workshops and support groups increase knowledge and skills needed for healthy families where effective parenting and guidance are provided.

1985 –
Chaparral Maternity and Adoption Services becomes the second division of the agency.
Chaparral was formed through a merger of The Catholic Social Services of Albuquerque Adoption Division, the Jewish Welfare Agency Adoption Division and the United protestant Agency.
At the agency Chaparral Maternity and Adoption Services provides confidential services to expectant parents, children and adoptive parents. The program is designed to meet the needs of persons from all backgrounds and religious faiths. CHAPARRAL provides maternity counseling for people seeking alternatives to an unplanned pregnancy as well as people wanting to adopt a child. Clinical social workers provide counseling services throughout this process.
In 1999 the agency discontinues adoption services but continues the program supporting expectant and adoptive parents until 2006.

Family Counseling Services’ name was changed to Family and Children Services, Inc., Which more appropriately reflected the scope of its increased services.

1987 –
On August 7, 1987 a Ground Breaking ceremony for the agency’s new location, at 1503 University Blvd. NE is attended by the Board of Directors, Staff, and many members of the community.

Mr. Charles Fleming is named Executive Director

Agency pic - now

Our new building which was built in 1987 and dedicated in 1988.

1988 –
On April 17, 1988 the new building is completed and will house the Psychotherapy and Counseling Services, Parentcraft and the Chaparral Services      programs.
Construction of the new building was partially funded by Ted Jorgensen and other community supporters. In recognition of the generous contribution  of Ted Jorgensen a plaque was placed on the building that reads TED JORGENSEN BUILDING. Mr. and Mrs. Jorgensen continue to support the  agency today with a yearly contribution for upkeep of the building.
The agency does have responsibility for the existing mortgage, maintenance and operative costs.

1992 – Ms. Jane Hertz is named Executive Director

1993 to Present –Employee Assistance Program.
Family and Children’s Services, Inc. expands service hours to provide evening and Saturday morning hours. Psychotherapy and Counseling division  expands to include Employee Assistance services (EAP) to companies and corporations who contract with the agency for their employee assistance  benefit.
EAP is a custom-tailored program providing confidential, professional assistance to employees experiencing problems which impact their personal lives and job performance.
In 2003 sixty percent of American workers said they have experienced stress-related problems, and a vast majority of Americans (92%) agree that personal problems often spill over into work, decreasing productivity.
Family and Children Services Inc. formed close partnerships with employers to address a wide variety of employee issues and to create a healthy and effective work environment.

1996 –
The agency starts a program for seniors. The Sandoval Senior Connection, a volunteer program for adults 55 and over, received funding by the State of New Mexico Indian Office on Aging. Sandoval Senior Connection recruits, trains and supervises volunteer Peer Counselors to provide support, sensitivity and caring to lonely, isolated elders in Sandoval County.
This program will continue through 6/2014 with funding from the New Mexico Aging and Long-Term Services Department.
Also during this time we begin support groups for Grandparent’s Raising Grandchildren. Through the division of Parentcraft the Grandparent’s Raising Grandchildren program is started. Grandparents can meet others who are in their similar situations and receive information, education and support. Counseling is also provided through the Psychotherapy and Counseling Division. Services are provided by licensed counselors and social workers with experience in working with families and children on a sliding fee scale.
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren becomes an agency program, and through the years the program is supported by grants from Clothes Helping Kids, Wells Fargo, Brookdale, Albuquerque Community Fund, Ackerson Foundation, donations and a City of Albuquerque contract along with numerous volunteer hours.

1999 – The agency Houses Career & Job. Career and Job Services is part of Human Services Outcomes, Inc., a vocational rehabilitation services provider in several states. Their CEO, Steve Simon, worked out the partnership with Outcomes, Inc. to lease space and share clerical and support services. The program offers Vocational testing and plans for disabled Veterans and DVR (disabled vocational rehabilitation) clients.
Referrals come primarily from VA Regional office, secondarily from New Mexico DVR, also from other sources such as the Jemez Pueblo, lawyers and insurance agencies.

2001 – Family and Children’s Services, Inc. takes a new name, Outcomes, Inc… As we are known today.

2004 – Outcomes, Inc. adds a new Division. Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services. The agency provides Victim/Offender mediation services for Juveniles. The referrals come from the State through a contract with Children Youth and Family Department. The program receives referrals from Bernalillo, Santa Fe, Sandoval and Chavez counties probation offices. Through the program Victims and offenders have a face-to-face meeting with a trained mediator who helps both parties address the personal nature of the offense and work toward a resolution. The positive impacts of the program include preventing additional crimes, capacity building and reducing recidivism. A form of restitution is sought. Either monetary or community service. Juveniles who go through the program are kept out of the court system.

In 2007 the program expands to include a restorative justice project. The program (Alternative to Violence) works with the Albuquerque juvenile detention center to bring in restorative circles for the boys and girls in custody. The circles help the youths have a safe place to talk and learn how to use alternative methods in reacting to situations without violence or other inappropriate behavior.
The mediators also conduct workplace mediations through our EAP program. When conflict arises in the workplace between employees the company can use mediation to resolve conflict and keep the employees working relationship productive and harmonious.

2006 –
Mr. Steve Nuanez is named Executive Director
We begin a new division. With the ending of Parentcraft, the agency continues the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program through our Life & Family division, (which includes Sandoval Senior Connection). Through the years the program is supported by grants from Clothes Helping Kids, Wells Fargo, Brookdale, Albuquerque Community Fund, Ackerson Foundation, individual donations and a City of Albuquerque contract along with numerous volunteer hours. The agency discontinues the program 6/30/2010 due to lack of funding.
Mr. Ackerson continues to support Grandparents raising grandchildren with a donation every year through our Psychotherapy and Counseling division. With the money Outcomes In. can offer counseling for Grandparents or their children at a reduced fee based on income and family size.
The agency continues to be part of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Advisory board. The board took over the support groups and helping the grandparents find information on help that is available to them after the program ended.
The agency continues to be part of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Advisory board. The board took over the support groups and helping the grandparents find information on help that is available to them after the program ended. # Here or direction to website

A new addition is added to the building to house the Mediation Division.

2013 – Outcomes takes over contract with Veterans Administration and continues the services. The counselors conduct Independent living assessments and case management referred from the VA. Another part of the program is the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program, which helps people who have physical or mental disabilities prepare for, find or keep employment. The counselors provide tests to individuals referred by the State and Jemez Pueblo VR programs and lawyers.

2014 –
The Sandoval Senior Connection is discontinued after the State contract is not renewed.

The agency continues to be part of the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Advisory board. The board took over the support groups and helping the grandparents find information on help that is available to them after the program ended. # Here or direction to website.

From 1951 through 2014 the agency continued to receive a United Way Grant to deliver Outpatient therapy on a reduced fee for anyone who is in need.

2015 – Today our four divisions are Psychotherapy and Counseling which encompasses Out Patient Counseling and Employee Assistance program, Career & Job and the Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

In 1951 Family Consultation Services had 122 case. Today we see 1688 Individual and Family cases.

Even though Outcomes, Inc. programs have changed due to funding and need, our vision has stayed the same. We will always strive to respond to the changing needs of our community with an evolving scope of services. We welcome individuals of all backgrounds and celebrate the differences that make us each unique. Exactly how we did when we started 65 years ago.

We work closely with Bernalillo County detention center, the school system, statewide companies, and the community to deliver services.

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