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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren experience a wide range of issues as they take on the responsibility of raising their grandchildren and “Parenting the Second Time Around.”  Some of the issues are isolation, emotional distress, legal issues, lack of financial support and basic needs.  Outcomes, Inc. offers support groups, parenting classes, respite and workshops for grandparents interested in attending, but some grandparents are more willing to communicate via an online forum.

The Outcomes, Inc. website provides the opportunity for grandparents who feel more comfortable visiting or researching for help on-line.  With  your help, the on-line  forum/support group will provide answers and resources for some of the the most common categories, such as:

  • Finding Legal Resources
  • How to Find Financial Resources
  • Challenges of Raising Grandchildren
  • How Different is Parenting the Second Time Around
  • Ask For What You Need and Give What You Have
  • Childcare Resources
  • Grandparents Rights

We are just starting this new and valuable form of communicating with each other!  Feel free to visit and post comments, requests and information that can be used by any interested grandparents and community members.  We appreciate your participation in this on-line support of grandparents raising grandchildren.  We can help each other by sharing our issues and resources. Join Now.

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