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Coping with stress at work present a special challenge, especially when we feel that we are not able to control what happens at work.  While it’s true that some work matters are out of our control it doesn’t mean that we can’t develop some healthy stress management habits.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use some of your time to get organized — Though we sometimes avoid doing it, taking stock of all you have to do can be a helpful first step toward setting your priorities and taking care of your most important or urgent tasks.  The time you take to get organized can help decrease the feeling that things are out of control.
  • Seek out opportunities for training — Learning new skills, or brushing up on old ones, can be a very effective way of relieving stress and gaining a new perspective on your work.  Training can help rekindle the energy that we have for our work.
  • Communicate for change — Positive change happens at work when people talk to one another and focus on how to make meaningful improvements.  Even if change doesn’t happen immediately, it can be helpful to create positive ideas for how the workplace can develop.
  • Stay positive — Take a moment to look at what’s upsetting you – is it as threatening as it first appeared?  Is it really insurmountable or does it just require that you adjust your way of looking at things?  Being positive in the face of difficult circumstances means choosing a response that leads to growth, new skills, and greater cooperation.
  • Take care of yourself — They’re basic and common-sense but almost all of us can do more of them: exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy whole foods, take breaks to relax, and maintain strong friendships.

Successfully managing stress at work is an ongoing challenge for most of us but with practice it’s something we can all do — for our own good and for the good of everyone that works with us!  For more information on stress management, or for staff training on stress or other topics, please visit our EAP resource pages or our listing of workplace trainings.

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